Expert DIY Tips for Your Heating & Air System

In the harsh, icy winds of winter or the hot, blasting furnace of summer, maintaining a comfortable home environment is crucial. For this, your heating and air system has to be running at its best. While Idaho Heating & Air is always here to assist you with professional Heating Repair and Heating Service, there are a few maintenance tips you can follow to keep your system humming.

Regularly Check and Replace Your Air Filters

One of the simplest yet most efficient DIY tips is regularly inspecting and replacing your air filters. These are usually located in your system’s return ductwork. Over time, they can accumulate dust and other airborne particles, impeding the air flow. A clogged filter forces your system to work harder, leading to energy inefficiency and future mechanical problems. It is recommended to replace your air filters every three months.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clean

If you have an outdoor unit, it’s exposed to all the elements. Leaves, debris, and even snow can clutter up your unit, causing it to perform inadequately. To keep your unit running smoothly, clean the surrounding area regularly, remove any obstructions, and ensure the unit is on level ground.

Avoid Thermostat Tampering

Constant adjustment of your thermostat can lead to unnecessary strain on your system. To maintain an optimal balance, choose a comfortable setting for your home that works throughout the day. If you require more flexible temperature settings, consider installing a programmable thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature to your preferences at different times of the day.

Inspect Vents and Registers

Ensure all the vents and registers in your home are not blocked by furniture, rugs, or curtains. Regularly vacuum them to remove any dust build-up. This aids in the efficient circulation of air, keeping your home’s climate consistent and comfortable, and ensuring a longer lifespan for your heating and air system.

These simple maintenance tasks can help keep your heating and cooling system working efficiently. However, some tasks are best left to the pros. A professional Heating Service provider such as Idaho Heating & Air, can offer a comprehensive system check to ensure a longer life for your system, efficient use of energy, and optimum performance all year round.

Proudly serving as one of the licensed heating repair and service providers, Idaho Heating & Air offers expert diagnostic and preventive maintenance services, along with prompt, emergency repairs. Routine professional maintenance can help identify potential issues before they become significant problems, providing you with comfort and peace of mind.