The pinnacle of dedication: Hart’s Roofing & Construction History

Nestled in the charming town of Middletown, lies a beacon of unwavering dedication and superior craftsmanship, Hart’s Roofing & Construction. Engineered from a steadfast family ethos, this organization has been a cornerstone of local infrastructure for countless years.

Grit and Devotion

Founded on the grit and devotion of the Hart family, this enterprise swiftly evolved from a humble home-based service into a esteemed construction company. Despite the rapid growth, the core values of exceptional service and familial bonds remained deeply entrenched in the company ethos.

Famous Family Touch

Their unwavering commitment to delivering only the finest construction solutions and remarkable roofing services showcases their dedication. The renowned Hart’s family touch is visible in every project, laying testament to their commitment to their legacy and the Middletown community.

Beyond Middletown

Today, Hart’s Roofing & Construction extends their expertise beyond Middletown, cementing their status as a luminary in the wider construction industry. As they continue to build strong foundations, their legacy stands as a testament to their roots and their commitment to the future.