Your Ultimate Guide to Property Management and Handyman Services with Towne Housing Real Estate

Welcome to Towne Housing Real Estate, your one-stop-shop for all your real estate needs throughout Buffalo, NY, Lockport, NY, Cheektowaga, NY, and Niagara Falls, NY. Specializing in rental property management, handyman services, and commercial property sales, we strive to offer comprehensive services that yield value, satisfaction, and peace of mind for our clients.

Understanding Rental Property Management

At Towne Housing Real Estate, our dedicated team ensures your rental property generates the income you envision. Our rental property management systems are designed to handle each crucial aspect, from tenant screening, collecting rents, to maintenance and repairs. We help reduce vacancies, ensure legal compliance, and manage all property-related concerns, freeing you from the headaches of being a property owner yourself.

Finding a Handyman Near Me

Maybe you are wondering, “Where can I find reliable handyman services near me?” Look no further than Towne Housing Real Estate. Our team of expert handymen will respond promptly to any property repair or maintenance needs. From electrical and plumbing work to minor renovations, we ensure your residential or commercial properties are maintained to the highest standards.

Unrivalled Handyman Services

Our handyman services are not just about fixing the problem but also about advising preventative measures, ensuring minimal disruptions to your tenants or business. We provide services that exceed your expectations, living up to our reputation as a leader in the real estate industry.

Offering Premium Property Management Services

Our property management services are about creating and maintaining a valued relationship with property owners and tenants. We work proactively to settle issues and concerns, maintaining transparency, and promoting open lines of communication. We maintain detailed records and regular updates to provide you, your tenants, and your property the highest level of service.

Exceptional Commercial Property Sales

In the market for commercial property sales? Buffalo, NY and its neighboring areas bring forth diverse and lucrative opportunities. Our experienced team walks you through the process, negotiating on your behalf and ensuring a smooth transaction. We underscore our long-standing commitment to cater to each of our clients’ unique requirements, and delivering the best possible outcome.

Why Towne Housing Real Estate?

Here at Towne Housing Real Estate, we believe in providing quality real estate services personalized to your needs. We are more than just a real estate company; we are a partner you can trust. We invite you to explore the potential of your real estate ambitions with us.