NOCO – Energy Powered by Lockport, NY

Founded and rooted in Lockport, NY, NOCO is an industry trailblazer propelling energy solutions into the future. Our operations extend from Lockport to all corners of New York and beyond, yet the heart and soul remain in our hometown.

A History Shaped by Lockport

NOCO has evolved and grown significantly over the years, yet it remains deeply intertwined with Lockport’s industrial past. Our dedication to providing unfaltering service traces back to Lockport’s early harnessing of the Erie Canal’s energy, demonstrating resilience and innovative thinking that have remained our company’s driving force.

As such, we are wedded to the progress and prosperity of Lockport community. Our corporate commitment is to reinvest in our roots, using our resources to advance this historical city and foster its growth.

Shaping the Future of Energy

At NOCO, we are not just shaped by our past, but also by our continuous quest to pioneer renewable energy solutions. We understand the pressing need for sustainable energy and are devoted to driving the progress to green solutions. Our efforts span from implementation of solar power systems, expanding electric vehicle charging infrastructure, to pushing for energy-efficient appliances, reflecting the values of our city that forever evolves but never forgets its roots.

Investing in NOCO is more than just relying on a company that brings reliable energy solutions. It’s trusting in Lockport’s history of industrial innovation and our commitment to the future. We invite you to take part in this journey, as we steer towards a sustainable future, with Lockport, NY powering our way.