A Comprehensive Guide to Your First Visit with J. E. Shekell

Welcome to your first visit with us at J. E. Shekell! We’re committed to providing quality services in areas like Electrical Repair, Plumbing Repair, Furnace Replacement, Heating Repair, and AC Repairs. Whether you’re in Evansville, IN, Newburgh, IN, Princeton, IN or Henderson, KY, we have adept professionals ready to serve you.

Understanding the Scope of Our Services

The first thing to know about us is the broad range of services we offer. Top on the list is Electrical Repair service. We understand the importance of functional electrical systems to household activities or business operations, which is why we’re keen on providing efficient and safe electrical repair services. Whether it’s a minor repair or a major one, you can count on us to get it done.

Quality Plumbing Repairs

Next in line is our plumbing repair service. Plumbing issues can wreak havoc in anyone’s home or business. We pride ourselves on addressing these problems promptly and professionally. Our services include repairing leaks, unclogging drains, and more.

Furnace Replacement and Good Indoor Air Quality

The furnace is the heart of any heating system. If it’s not functioning properly, we’re at your service to execute a seamless furnace replacement procedure. We take care to recommend the most energy-efficient furnaces that suit your specific needs.

Your Comfort is Our Priority: Heating Repair and AC Repair

There’s no need to endure discomfort during freezing winters or sweltering summers. Our heating repair service is available to ensure your unit remains in peak condition all winter, while our AC repair services guarantee a cool and comfortable summer. So whether in Evansville, IN, Newburgh, IN, Princeton, IN or Henderson, KY, stay comfortable with J.E. Shekell.

Please, contact us to schedule your service today!